Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Email…

There is lots and lots of advice out there about how to choose a domain name. First things first though you need to decide which TLD or ccTLD. ? TLD includes .com, .net, .org, .info, .eu etc, ccTLD is country specific such as (UK), .de (Germany) or .ie (Ireland). Most people tend to want to go for a .com, but getting the domain name you really want maybe more difficult as many .com’s have already been registered. Going for a country specific domain registration will mean you have a better chance of getting what you want and it immediately tells others where you are based.

Once you’ve decided on TLD or ccTLD then you need to register your name or business name, try and keep this as short and simple as possible, so that again people can see exactly who you are. If you’re Jack Roberts the plumber then you need to think about what people currently know you buy and or what do you want to be known by. Here are some examples – or or

This sounds very simple doesn’t it? However you then need to think about your email address, again you want to keep it simple and easy to remember. This now sounds really basic, but you will probably have to tell lots of people your email address and you don’t want to be spelling it out every time. For example is going to be a mouthful, whereas could be a bit easier to communicate. If you need some more help deciding try this web hosting blog. The great thing aout choosing your own domain is that you can then setup any email address you like,,, etc.

Whatever you decide just remember to use a little common sense and keep it simple. Its worth spending the time to get it right first time.

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