Should I Use Cloud Hosting?

You may be thinking: “Should I be moving to the Cloud or using some sort of Cloud Computing?”

Well, Cloud Computing technology is being embraced by web hosting companies because it can deliver real benefits to their customers and offer great value for money. The biggest benefit is that cloud hosting can be set up very quickly and can scale to your business demands instantly, in addition you normally pay only for the resources that you really need.

To give an example a typical Cloud Server could be provisioned with 1 Core (CPU), 2GB RAM, 30GB Disk Space and 1TB Bandwidth could cost as little as 1.92 per day.

The brief the main benefits are:
– Instant Setup, no waiting around for hardware, usually setup is with in a few minutes rather than days.
– Fully Scalable and so you can meet the growing demands of your business.
– Highly Available, so you always have the resources you need on hand.
– Very Secure as data is backed up over multiple servers, although we would always recommend additional backup.
– You have control and can manage resources as needed, especially important if you are a start-up or your business is seasonal.
– Usually no contract, so you’re not tied into a long term commitment.

Our recommended cloud hosting providers :
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