Articles from: 2012

Office 365? Is It for Me?

Firstly what is Office 365? Office 365 is secure, anywhere access to email, calendars, office web apps, instant messaging, conference and file sharing.

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Should Cloud Computing Be Cheaper?

This is a good question!

Lots of hype in the press and in the market seems to indicate that companies should be saving significant amount of money by moving to the cloud. In reality this is not really the case, more often than not a cloud solution maybe even more expensive than the existing solution. However, when comparing apples with apples it maybe that a cloud computing solution offers far more functionality, scalability and availability.

But don’t be caught up in the hype, cloud computing is rarely cheaper. ?But then cheap is not good; As they say you ‘Pay For What You Get’.

Should I Use Cloud Hosting?

You may be thinking: “Should I be moving to the Cloud or using some sort of Cloud Computing?”

Well, Cloud Computing technology is being embraced by web hosting companies because it can deliver real benefits to their customers and offer great value for money. The biggest benefit is that cloud hosting can be set up very quickly and can scale to your business demands instantly, in addition you normally pay only for the resources that you really need.

To give an example a typical Cloud Server could be provisioned with 1 Core (CPU), 2GB RAM, 30GB Disk Space and 1TB Bandwidth could cost as little as 1.92 per day.
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