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Why Should I Use a Dedicated Server?

If you are looking to host your website you could be wondering, should I have a shared hosting account, a VPS hosting account or a dedicated server?

The first difference you will notice is the cost varies dramatically.


Shared Hosting prices can range from 19.99 to over 100.00 per annum.
VPS Hosting prices vary from 39.99 to approx 69.99 per month
Dedicated Servers are a different league entirely, ranging from 150.00 per month to around 1000.00 per month.
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What is a Mail Server?

How do mail servers work?
How do mail servers know where to send your mail?

Mail servers are often described as electronic post offices. They receive, sort and deliver your email and attachments to the address the sender specifies.

Each and every hosting provider and ISP(Internet Service Provider) will be running a mail server program on each of their servers. As soon as you click “Send” on your completed email. Your hosting provider (or ISP depending on your outgoing server settings) will receive your email request.
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