Can IDN’s (Internationalised Domain Names) effect my email?

The simple answer is yes.

Firstly what are IDN’s? IDN – Internationalized Domain Names are domain names represented by characters other than the traditional ASCII characters a to z. Such domain names could contain letters or characters from non-Latin scripts like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. These domains could be an advantage to a business looking to set up an online presence in a non-English speaking market or an existing domain holder looking to register their domain in their original language.

Secondly – The Domain Name System (DNS) which performs a lookup service to translate user-friendly names into network addresses for locating Internet resources, such as websites and email addresses, is restricted in practice to the use of ASCII characters (see above). The internationalisation of domain names is a technical solution to translate names written in language-native scripts into an ASCII text representation that is compatible with the Domain Name System. Internationalised domain names can only be used with applications that are specifically designed for such use; they require no changes in the infrastructure of the Internet. IDN’s aren’t read in the same way as normal domain names and so the IDN’s are converted into ASCII characters using Punycode to make them readable for the Domain Name System (DNS) and applications.

Thirdly – IDN’s won’t be displayed in web browsers as standard ASCII characters, but in Punycode. Most commom browsers can now handle Punycode, but this could be confusing to visitors if the notice.

Fourthly – Some mail servers won’t be able to handle IDN’s and so if you’re looking to register your IDN that is one thing, but if you’re looking to use the IDN for email this could be something that your email / IT provider will need to investigate further.

Interestingly Ireland has begun it’s launch phase of .ie idn domains and has released some information which can be found on the IEDR website…

.IE IDN’s Explained

Punycode Example – .IE IDN…

New .IE IDN’s Punycode Explained

.IE IDN Launch Phases…

.IE IDN’s Launch Phase

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Setting Up Your Email Account In Your Cpanel

The majority of linux shared web hosting comes with cPanel which is one of the most popular well thought of control panels. cPanel really is the control center for you website and one area that it will almost always be used for is setting up email. This video explains how….

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We support Safer Internet Day 2016-

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Windows 10 Features : Setting Up Mail in Windows 10

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How to Set up iPhone 6 Email…

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Hillary Clinton’s e-mail has become a political problem…

The new Washington-Post ABC News poll contains lots of bad news for Hillary Clinton. She’s lost more than 20 points in a hypothetical Democratic primary ballot since July and now finds herself in a statistical dead heat with Donald Trump — not a typo — in a potential general election matchup.

Those top-line numbers, though, aren’t the cause of Clinton’s problems; they’re the effect. The cause is buried deeper in the poll in a trio of questions about the private e-mail server Clinton used as secretary of state.


1. Just 1 in 3 registered voters approve of how Clinton has handled the issue, while 55 percent of voters do not.

2. Just 32 percent of registered voters think Clinton “stayed within government regulations” in the establishment and use of a private server, while 51 percent believe she broke those regulations.

3. Thirty-four percent of those polled say Clinton has “honestly disclosed” the facts about her e-mail usage, while 54 percent believe she has “tried to cover up the facts.”

On top of all that, add this:

4. Just 35 percent of registered voters believe that the words “honest” and “trustworthy” describe Clinton, while 56 percent say they do not.

That number has been in steady decline since the revelations about Clinton’s server came to light in the spring; she was at 41 percent on the honest/trustworthy question in a May WaPo-ABC poll, and back in June 2014 she was at 53 percent!

Scan those numbers and you quickly grasp why last week Clinton decided to offer an unequivocal apology for her decision to set up a private e-mail server after months of insisting no apology was necessary. Legally speaking, she might have been right, but politically it’s clear just how much damage the issue has already done to Clinton.

Into this atmosphere land two major news stories about the server: The first, first reported by the Washington Post, is that the tech company that handled Clinton’s server says there is no evidence that it has been “wiped.” That’s a good and a bad thing for Clinton, since it suggests a lack of a cover-up (or what could be made to look like a cover-up) but also that, potentially, her deleted e-mails could be recovered and mined for anything that could disprove Clinton’s version of events. The second story is that the Justice Department said Clinton was well within her rights as a government official to make her own determination on which e-mails on her server could be deleted as personal and non-relevant to her work as the nation’s top diplomat.

Exoneration, shout her defenders! Much ado about nothing! A media-created story is debunked!

Except, not really. The fact that she had the ability and right to delete e-mails was never really in question. At issue is the process by which she did it — and who got to make the final calls on what got sent to the State Department and what didn’t. Yes, the way Clinton went about it was within her rights. But Clinton is not just any government official or even any secretary of state. She is someone who is — still — the heavy favorite to be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016. As such, she is held to a different standard than someone who, well, isn’t the heavy favorite to be the Democratic nominee for president.

And, remember, Clinton deleted more total e-mails than she turned over to State.

The problem for Clinton is that the public — as evidenced by that trio of poll questions — already believes that there is something (or somethings) not totally above board with how she has handled this e-mail issue. When just one in three voters believe you are (a) honest and trustworthy (b) honestly disclosing the facts about the server and (c) staying within government regulations in regards the server, you have a major, major problem on your hands.

Add to that the mandated monthly release of tranches of Clinton State Department e-mails, and it’s hard to imagine how the story goes away (or gets better) unless Clinton takes more decisive action. A speech in which she fully explains her actions, expresses contrition (again) and tries to contextualize it all might be the best solution to what has now become a major impediment to Clinton’s hopes of being elected president a year from November.

Source: Washington Post – Chris Cillizza writes “The Fix,” a politics blog for the Washington Post. He also covers the White House.

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The World is Awash with New Domains!

Which Domain Will You Choose?

The Would seems awash with domains… The launch of 100’s of new gTLD domain (Generic Top Level Domain) has meant lots and lots of choice, but of course with choice sometimes comes confusion. So how do you know which domain you should register? There are many many answers to that question and still nervousness about which answers to trust. Still the demand for the top 5 gTLD like .com and .org is strong and look as if it will continue with millions of veriations still available. In addition ccTLD’s (Country Code Top Level Domain) domains also still have a long way to go before they will be exhausted.

Country Code verses New Generic

If you’re business is country specific then it makes sense to go with the country specific domains .se-Spain, .de-Germany, .uk-United Kingdom and this will give your visitors reassurance that you are local. International and then a different story .com and .eu may be the way to go.

However, what if you are a watch retailer? .watch seems the answer, or is it? No one knows how Google will treat these domains yet and there is not enough statistical data available to start drawing any conclusions.

Here’s some more examples of whats available:- .agency .actor .associates .asia .berlin .bike .blue .boutique .build .builders .buzz .band .brussels .biz .cab .camera .camp .careers .center .cheap .clothing .club .codes .coffee .company .computer .condos .construction .contractors .cool .cruises .capital .cards .catering .cleaning .clinic .community .consulting .cooking .country .casa .coach .cricket .dating .democrat .diamonds .directory .domains .dental .degree .delivery
E .education .email .enterprise .enterprises .equipment .estate .expert .exposed .engineering .exchange .energy .flights .florist .foundation .futbol .fish .fishing .forsale .gift .glass .graphics .guitars .guru .gripe .gives .holiday .house .horse .host .how
I .immobilien .institute .industries
K .kaufen .kitchen .kiwi .lighting .limo .link .luxury .lease .london .legal
M .maison .management .marketing .menu .moda .media .me .mn .mobi .my .memorial .mone
N .ninja .name .photo .photography .photos .pics .pink .plumbing .productions .properties .pub .parts .pictures .press .red .rentals .repair .reviews .rocks .reisen .report .rodeo .rip .ryukyu .shiksha .shoes .singles .social .solar .solutions .support .systems .supplies .supply .science .space .technology .tienda .tips .today .training .travel .tools .town .toys
U .uno .university .ventures .viajes .villas .voyage .vision .vodka .vlaanderen .wiki .works .website .whoswho .work .world
X .xyz
Y .yoga
Z .zone

It will be interesting to see how these domains perform, initial figures show that registrations of new gTLD’s have been significantly below expectations while other well know domains have continued to see even stronger growth. This tells a story… people are confused and so are going with the safe option. Time will tell!

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Does Apple Watch Support Email…

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How To Setup Office365 On IOS Devices…

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How Your Email Server Works…

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